USDA Rural Business Development Grant

Program background


program summary

The Southwest Indian Agricultural Association, Inc. (SWIAA), established 1987, is a Native American run group of farmers, ranchers, and business owners. Devoted to preserving resources available on Native American reservations across the Southwest, SWIAA aids individuals and various Native American entities in agribusiness related endeavors.

In partnership with AATech, the Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG), awarded to SWIAA through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Southwest Indian Agricultural Business Promotion and Assistance Program, aims to provide comprehensive technical assistance to eligible Native American parties. This program also focuses on promoting healthy local food to promote health and self-resilience in Native communities. 


Objective 1: Develop a better understanding of the immediate and long-term needs of tribal community food systems. 

Objective 2: Promote local food and food agriculture/food business development on tribal lands.

Objective 3: Assist Native American entrepreneurs in development of the necessary skill set required for owning and operating a successful business in rural Arizona. 

Objective 4: Introduce innovative and sustainable food production technologies through technology demonstration(s) and hands-on trainings.

Objective 5: Increase Native American populations’ participation in USDA programs.

Objective 6: Create jobs and business opportunities in tribal communities.