Nalwoodi Denzhone Community - OAO

 The Program is intended to extend Nalwoodi Denzhone Community effort of providing community revitalization and educational services and on-going assistance to socially disadvantaged, veteran, and beginning farmers and ranchers in San Carlos Apache Nation, surrounding rural communities, and other Federally Recognized American Indian Tribes in Arizona. 

Nalwoodi Denzhone Community- RBDG

North Luepp Family Farms- RBDG

STAR School- OAO


Promoting the development of small and emerging food business in project areas, encouraging healthy eating and restoring the holistic well-being of Navajo people. By reconnecting with traditional foods and revitalizing knowledge and practices around those foods, the Navajo Nation can begin to proactively address the food related issues in the ways that restore holistic well-being. 

Studying the Feasibility of implementing a regional Food Hub.



 The project team is dedicated to providing and assisting current and prospective local native agricultural businesses with technical, financial, business management training. 

STAR School- TAT Year 3

Developing local capacity in order to provide continued water and wastewater education, technical assistance, and training after the completion of the program. 

STAR School- TAT Year 4

San Xavier Co-op Farm- RBDG

Construction of Regional Food Hub.

San Xavier Co-op Farm- VAPG 2017

Implementation of a Milling Facility

San Xavier Co-op Farm- VAPG 2018

San Xavier District- RBDG

Planning Grant: develop of a commercial market place for local food producers and food businesses