Rural Food

Business Development Program

on San Carlos Apache Reservation



As a nonprofit organization incorporated in 2014 under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3), Nalwoodi Denzhone Community (NDC) was created from the need and desire to provide a safe, life-producing environment for Apache people to grow in body, soul, mind, and spirit. 

NDC is dedicated to providing community revitalization services to the San Carlos Apache people through creative and life transforming projects. Having worked in healthcare, art, education, corrections, and other public service areas in San Carlos, the NDC board and committee members have developed a comprehensive vision and action plan to reach out to the community and provide services that otherwise are sparse or lacking.

NDC currently has two programs primarily for children and youth: i) “Nnee Nalwoodi (Strong Apache) Life Center”, a transition center for struggling youth that provides a safe and structured environment to participate in school and other education programs; and ii) “NDC Children’s Program”, which provides safe spaces for children and families though NDC’s annual summer camps and year-round after-school programming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ_2esKxDr0).

In this RBDG program, NDC proposes to develop a “Rural Business Development Program”, focusing on promoting small/emerging agribusinesses, local food related businesses on San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Goals of the Program

Goal #1: Develop a master plan for a community-based food program (food hub) that is well tailored to the best needs of the rural communities of San Carlo Apache Tribe. The food hub will provide new market opportunities for local food producers; provide a stable access of healthy food to local customers; and ultimately improve the food security and self-sufficiency of the low-income communities. The master plan will also include a facility/infrastructure improvement plan.

Goal #2: Establish a commercial kitchen which will be used to support community event and incubate small food businesses on the reservation.

Goal #3: Promote and stimulate the development of small and emerging Native American food businesses by providing technical assistance and training on business planning, business management, business accounting, food safety, value-added processing, and other related subjects.

Goal #4: Bring more returns to food producers; create/save jobs and business opportunities in historically underserved San Carlos Apache communities.

Goal #5: Preserve Apache identity, tradition, and culture through the promotion of farming and traditional food consumption.