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San Xavier Cooperative Farm is owned and operated by Native American Farmers in Tohono O’odham. The Farm is facing several challenges as a small producer. The Farm currently has 600 acres of alfalfa, 140 acres of small grains, and 16 acres of traditional crops and vegetable production. This VAPG working capital grant funds will be used to pay part of the first three years’ working capital including post harvest labor, inventory, office & processing supplies, facilities rental, utilities, marketing, and consulting to process and marketing heritage wheat flour from native wheat species, such as White Sonora and/or Pima Club wheat. 

Project Goals

 The primary objective of the study is to provide an overview of the market conditions and demands of locally produced and processed food, the infrastructure needs and the challenges of centralized grain milling, a post-harvest processing/storage, and a market place, and offer potential solutions and practical advice to operate such a facility. This facility will be sized to process/market at least 51% of the commodities produced by SXCF. Feasibility will be evaluated based on the data collected and the analytical results at the end of the study. Based on the results of the feasibility study, a business plan will also be developed.