San Xavier Cooperative Association

San Xavier Cooperative Association’s

Socially Disadvantaged Groups Assistance Program in Southern Arizona 



 The San Xavier Cooperative Association (SXCA), established in 1971, is a 100% Native American owned and controlled cooperative legally incorporated in Tohono O’odham Nation.  

In this program, partnering with Apex Applied Technology, Inc. (AATech) and the University of Arizona (UA), SXCA proposes to develop the “SXCA’s Socially Disadvantaged Groups Assistance Program” to provide technical assistance and training to socially disadvantaged (SDA) groups in Southern Arizona. 

The project team has extensive knowledge and experience in agriculture education, renewable energy, irrigation, water resources planning/management, agribusiness planning, value-added project development, outreach, technical assistance, and Federal grant writing/administration. Over the years, members of the project team have contributed to the economic development in many rural communities.


The overarching goal of the program is to provide technical assistance to socially disadvantaged (SDA) groups in the tribal communities of Southern Arizona focusing on rural infrastructure development, partnerships, and innovation. The objectives are:

Objective 1: Better understand the immediate and long-term needs of the Native American groups in Southern Arizona.

Objective 2: Assist the SDA groups in owning and operating successful agribusinesses through cooperative development.

Objective 3: Develop infrastructure in tribal communities for the purposes of cooperative development.

Objective 4: Introduce sustainable and innovative technologies to SDA groups via hands-on training and technology demonstration.

Objective 5: Create unique partnerships and develop robust and innovative marketing strategies among SDA agricultural groups.