2018 USDA TAT Y4

STAR School

Technical Assistance and Training

Program Background


program summary

The Painted Desert Development Project, Inc., also known as STAR School, is located outside the Southwest end of the Navajo Nation. Established in 2001, the STAR School has served its predominantly Native American student body as well as the neighboring Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe communities by dealing with issues related to water security and quality.

In partnership with AATech, the STAR School has been awarded the Technical Assistance and Training grant by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Rural Development Utility Program. For the fourth year in a row, STAR School and AATech will work to improve issues of water scarcity and quality through development of a decentralized off-grid water treatment system. 


Objective 1: Provide technical assistance and/or training in areas which lack running water, flush toilets, and modern sewage, resulting in high rates of waterborne illness. 

Objective 2: Identify and evaluate potential solutions for water issues related to source, storage, treatment, and distribution in project area.

Objective 3: Identify and evaluate solutions for wastewater issues related to collection, treatment, and disposal in project areas.

Objective 4: Provide outreach and public education, for residents in project areas, to improve the public awareness of water safety and security.

Objective 5: Assist local organization/associations in the preparation of water/wastewater/waste disposal loan and/or grant applications.

Objective 6: Provide technology demonstration/job training to build local workforce capable of operating and maintaining (O&M) of water/wastewater and waste disposal facilities.