PDDP was granted the Socially Disadvantage Groups Grant to work with the Navajo Nation in 2017. The project focused on the areas of West Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.  Navajo Nation has a total population of 173,667.  The Nation’s median household income (MHI) is only 54.5% of the MHIs in Arizona ($50,256) and 51.6% of the MHI in U.S. ($53,046).  The poverty rate in Navajo Nation is 38%, which is more than twice as high as those in Arizona and U.S. (15% and 15.3%, respectively).  According to the 2010 Census, 44% of the young people in the Nation live in poverty.  The poverty rate of the senior population (38%) is four times higher than Arizona (8%).  The Census Bureau describes those with family incomes below one-half of their State poverty threshold as “severely poor”.  Over 19% of Navajo people are classified as “severely poor”. 

The project team is dedicated to providing and assisting current and prospective local native agricultural businesses with technical, financial, business management training. 

Technical Assistance Provided

  1. Business and Cooperative Formation Assistance​​​
    -Assist Native American entrepreneurs with strategic planning that includes developing organization’s mission and vision, constructing and filing articles of incorporation and bylaws;
    -Provide information about cooperative resources; and
    -Offer necessary training and other capacity building activities for the Board of Directors, etc.
  2. ​​Sustainable Business and Cooperative Development
    -Assist SDA groups with their feasibility study and business planning.
    -Help eligible participants to figure out whether the people will support the subsequent product or service.
  3. Renewable Technology Demonstration, Training, and Engineering Consulting
    Technology assistance for: Solar water pumping, grey water for irrigation, water quality improvement, greenhouse for food production, and hydroponic gardening.
    -Technology Demonstrations 
    -One-on-one technical consultation with our engineering staff
  4. Project Development and Financial Assistance
    -Improve the awareness of SDA groups to USDA financial assistance programs including grants and loans.
    -Grant application assistance ​​​